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How Jamie created granola dust

“Back when I was writing my Everyday Super Food book, I travelled around the world visiting the countries where people lived the longest and looking at what they ate. I noticed that breakfast is a meal that challenges us all, and when I looked at what was on offer on our supermarket shelves, there was a total lack of exciting, nutritious options. I knew we could do so much better.

Me and Jools wanted an easy breakfast option that would work for us and the kids, so after working closely with my nutrition and development teams, Granola Dust was born.

It’s now become a firm staple in the Oliver household. It works for us because all the kids can enjoy it in their own way, and Jools loves it, too. We always have a huge jar on the go.”

Granola Dust is available to purchase exclusively on Amazon under Jamie's new brand, Proper Joy!


Nutrition information
Granola Dust is a genius blend of gluten-free oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, natural orange flavouring and cocoa powder. This super-delicious and nutritious breakfast is made with top-quality ingredients, has no added sugar or hidden ingredients and it’s high in fibre and vitamin D, and also a source of protein. And not only is it great as a breakfast cereal, you can do loads with it! Why not have a go at some of Jamie’s favourites:

Keep it simple

The simplest way to enjoy your Granola Dust is in 50g portions, served with either cold cow’s, goat’s, soya, nut or oat milk; or 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, and a handful of fresh fruit.


Place 50g of granola dust into a pan with 200ml of milk and heat gently to your desired consistency, stirring regularly, then top with fresh fruit (80g totals one of your 5-a-day)

Hot granola drink

Heat 25g of granola dust with 200ml of your favourite milk, stirring well until you reach your desired consistency.


Simply beat 2 heaped tablespoons of granola dust with 1 heaped tablespoon of wholemeal self-raising flour, 1 mashed banana and 1 egg, then cook your pancakes until golden on both sides.

Breakfast smoothies

Put 50g of granola dust into a blender with 200ml of milk, then add 1 ripe banana and 1 handful of frozen raspberries, and blitz until smooth.

If you feel like making it from scratch, try my Super Foods recipe here.

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