All about our: higher-welfare meat

All about our: higher-welfare meat

When it comes to meat, we never compromise on standards


That’s why all the meat we serve is from the best farms, producers and suppliers in the country. Our chicken comes from Creedy Carver farm in Devon – Jamie featured them on Friday Night Feasts and we know that our chickens have fresh grass, room to move and lots of bugs to peck at.Our beef comes from British and Irish farms, and our pork is always from British farms, too.

And that’s without mentioning our amazing Italian cured meats. We use Levoni, an Italian producer who’s at the top of the cured-meat game in Italy – and we use it because it’s the best. Levoni’s cured meat is the star of the show on our famous Classic meat plank, it’s wrapped around grissini sticks to make the perfect nibble, and is often featured in our daily specials, to name but a few. We also back the British independent cured meat producer Cobble Lane Cured – three London boys who started out in our Barbecoa butchery and who’ve gone on to do incredible things with high-welfare meat, turning it into the gorgeous charcuterie that you’ll see splashed across our pizzas and in our pasta dishes, too.


We’re fiercely protective of our ethos and maintaining the highest welfare standards, and that’s why we have our very own team of food technologists whose jobs are dedicated to maintaining and improving the standards of all the suppliers we work with – not just the meat. That’s not on any of our competitors’ agendas.

We could go on, but we’ll leave you with the knowledge that you’ll never eat meat in any of our restaurants that isn’t 100% traceable to a sustainable source. It is, and always will be, good stuff.