Italian classics: Five of your favourites

Italian classics: Five of your favourites

Our hero dishes with a Jamie twist

 We’re celebrating some of our incredible dishes – the classic Italian recipes that Jamie loves to make and eat. These five dishes are all about gorgeous Mediterranean flavours combined with incredible, top-quality ingredients and Jamie’s signature twist, of course. It’s our way of bringing a slice of Italy home…

Italian nachos

These delicious little parcels are more traditionally known as fried ravioli. However, we all know that Jamie doesn’t like to do things the traditional way, hence the Italian nacho was born! We stuff mini ravioli with caramelised onions, ricotta and smoked mozzarella and fry them until they’re crispy on the outside and soft inside. Then we serve them up with Parmesan and spicy arrabbiata sauce for dunking – an Italian take on the nacho. They’re one of our most-loved antipasti dishes around the world, for good reason.

The Jamie’s Italian burger

We know it’s not traditionally Italian but Jamie and Gennaro love a burger and wanted to create their ultimate Italian-style version of this treat. So we’ve given this globally-loved dish a twist with sweet balsamic onions, pancetta, secret sauce and a beautiful brioche bun that’s paired with juicy higher-welfare beef and Westcombe Cheddar. It’s the juiciest, most flavoursome burger that Jamie and Gennaro can’t get enough of.

Pepperoni pizza

Most Italians probably wouldn’t recognise the Pepperoni pizza that we know and love, as it’s famously only found in American-style pizzerias. However, the Great British public think it’s the bee’s knees, as do we! That’s why we’ve topped a traditional sourdough pizza base with incredible cured meat from Jamie’s favourite British charcuterie company, Cobble Lane, fresh tomato sauce, British mozzarella and oregano – it’s the ultimate version of a classic.

Torta di Nada

Nada is the brains behind the business of Jamie’s friend Luca at Villa Petrolo in Tuscany, where they produce incredible wine and olive oil. Nada makes a classic Tuscan grape cake made with butter and olive oil, which makes it super light and delicious. Jamie loved it so much he created his take on it and the recipe is dedicated to Nada in Jamie’s Italy. His adaptation calls for blueberries instead of grapes and we dish it up with whipped crème fraîche, honey and orange zest. Bellissimo!

Epic tiramisù

Bringing up the rear is our out-of-this-world adaptation of the Italian dessert, tiramisù. Call us mad for messing with such a classic, but when it’s this good, we don’t mind. Introducing the epic Tiramisù dome – layers of creamy mascarpone and sponge fingers that have been dunked in boozy coffee syrup, served in a tempered chocolate sphere with coffee & chocolate sauce *drools*.