Jamie's New Specials: Seafood Linguine & Chicken Under A Brick


In case you missed it, Jamie’s been hard at work to bring you some unbelievable new specials. We’re taking his recipes from our test kitchen and dropping them straight into your local Jamie’s Italian.

Next up on the specials boards are two dishes that offer up a sneak preview of Jamie’s upcoming summer menu, set to launch in restaurants around the country on 23 May.

Between Sunday 29 April and Sunday 6 May we’ll be featuring Jamie’s signature Seafood linguine and sensational Chicken under a brick – both packed full of beautiful, seasonal produce and finished with delicious Italian flourishes.

Now enough reading – watch Jamie cook up these dishes for real!

Seafood linguine - Starter £7.50 | Main £14.50
Seared scallops, squid, mussels & prawns tossed through fresh linguine with cherry tomatoes, white wine, chilli, capers, anchovies & parsley

Jamie’s new Seafood linguine is something a bit special – this show-stopping fresh pasta dish is just perfect for the summer season, and is all about celebrating beautiful, sustainable seafood.

He’s teamed fresh prawns, squid, mussels and scallops with linguine that’s handmade every day in restaurants using free-range eggs and semolina, for colour and bite.

Cherry tomatoes, salty sweet capers, anchovies and parsley, finally, a kick of Calabrian chilli completes the dish.

The quality of the ingredients means the whole dish only takes a minute or two to cook, resulting in a super-fresh and flavoursome bowl of pasta that really is a seafood-lover’s dream. You’ve got to try it! 


Chicken under a brick £12.50

We love a good chicken dish at Jamie’s Italian, but we think there’s no way to do it unless we’re using the best-quality, highest-welfare meat we can get our hands on.

That’s why Jamie himself went to meet the lovely Coleman family from Creedy Carver, down in Devon, to see the love and care they put into their animals – and decided to use their beautiful free-range chicken in all our restaurants.


This is a simple dish, using a classic Italian al mattone (under a brick) cooking method to make our chicken breast deliciously tender with a crispy skin.

The breast is first marinated in rosemary, bay, lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil overnight before it’s grilled, and more fresh herbs go into our homemade pesto – but this isn’t just any pesto.

We like to use the most in-season produce we can, so mint and parsley join the classic basil, and we use almonds instead of pine nuts to give a delicious creamy flavour. This is all whizzed up with Parmesan, ricotta, a little garlic and extra virgin olive oil, to make a sauce that beautifully complements our herby, lemony chicken.

A handful of lemon-dressed rocket finishes off this simple plate of our favourite ingredients, lovingly cooked for you to enjoy today!

So head down to your local restaurants this week for some exclusive new specials from Jamie. And remember to keep your eyes peeled for more specials and menu previews over the next few weeks.