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Canada is a place very close to my heart. I'm always excited about spending time there, and whenever I visit, I always get an amazing welcome. For a while now, I've been on the lookout for the perfect partner to open a restaurant with. So, when I tasted the menu at Buca, and found that we had the exact same ideas in mind, I knew I had found the right guys to kick start this exciting project with. It’s going to be epic!
Signed Jamie Oliver, X
Jamie’s Italian
1d ago

Make your Friday even better with our Baked Chestnut Mushrooms! Pefect to help keep you warm today XO #JamiesItalianCa

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2d ago

Feel like trying somewhere different for drinks today? The weekend is nearly here! #JamiesItalianCa

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3d ago

Is it lunchtime yet? See you soon! #JamiesItalianCa

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4d ago

Stuck for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? How about the gift of delicious, authentic Italian food? XO #JamiesItalianCa

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5d ago

Make your Monday happier! Come and enjoy our fresh pasta that we make in-house everyday. See you soon XO #JamiesItalianCa