Oxford Nutrition

We’ve been busy creating some delicious new dishes for our 2015 spring/summer menu, and have made sure that at least 20% of every section of the menu is made up of healthy options. The exception is desserts, which we think are a treat, but shouldn’t be indulged in too often. However, we’ve added lovely Strawberries & frozen yoghurt to the menu, which comes in at under 200 calories!

To help you decide what to eat when you visit, we’ve put the calorie content of all our dishes up on the website, so you can make more informed choices. We have also included the carbohydrate content of each dish, which we hope will be useful for our diabetic customers.

Staff in our restaurants will also be able to provide this information for you on request. While creating the beautiful, healthy options listed below, we set some really specific nutrition targets. For example, each healthy main meal should contain less than 35% of a woman’s RI (Reference Intake) for calories and saturated fat, and less than 25% RI for salt. We also try, wherever we can, to make sure that as many of our meals as possible are balanced, with the right amount of each food group.

We know that everyone likes a treat now and then, especially if it’s a special occasion, so there are also some indulgent dishes on the menu that won’t win any prizes in the nutrition department! But whatever the dish, we’re always committed to nutrition. We also do a lot of work behind the scenes, giving nutrition training to our staff, as well as carrying out regular, random tests of our meals to make sure that the nutritional information is correct, and the dishes served in each restaurant are in line with our high standards. We’ve even signed up to two Department of Health pledges to minimise the salt content of our dishes and work with our suppliers to reduce the salt content of the ingredients we use.

Just remember whatever you choose to eat at Jamie’s Italian, a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

The nutritional information supplied for our dishes is based on theoretical data using the recipes the chefs work to. While we try our best to ensure consistency across our dishes the nutrient values of individual dishes may vary from the information published. Please use this information as a guideline only.

Prices and provenance may vary, so check your local restaurant's menu for exact details here.