• I'm so proud of Jamie's Italian. Our amazing team is like a big family – they'll look after you while you tuck into simple delicious food, created using superbly sourced produce. Great food, great value, beautiful surroundings. Welcome to Jamie's Italian.

    Jamie's Italian
    • We couldn’t have said to better ourselves! 🙌🏻 @gennarocontaldo showing us how it’s done 🍝 #Repost @gennarocontaldo ・・・ We make fresh pasta every day in all our @jamiesitalianuk restaurants with the best ingredients- 00flour, durum wheat semolina, organic free range eggs and of course the secret ingredients of lots of love, passion and knowledge for you to enjoy. #jamiesitalianuk #freshpasta #whyamicookingsogood

    • Our meatballs are just that little bit different – they're made with 'nduja sausage to give them an extra kick. ‘Nduja is a pork sausage from the south of Calabria, that's typically mixed with roasted chillies to make a spicy, rich sausage mix. We serve our meatballs in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of chilli, then we mix through our fresh, al dente spaghetti and add a touch of parsley. #ProperPasta

    • Happy Monday guys! Start the week off right with one of our energy-boosting super food salads. The classic with avocado, beets, pulses & grains, spicy seeds & harissa; or our kale super food bowl packed full of lentils, avocado, kale & grapes! #MeatFreeMonday

    • This beautiful Porchetta is what Sunday's are all about! Slow-roasted higher-welfare pork belly stuffed with cranberry, apricot & sage, served with silky celeriac purée, gravy & apple sauce. Warming and delicious, this dish is so, so good!

    • In Italy, pasta became a poor man’s dish and a way to use leftover produce and eggs. Families developed meals that were filling, simple, delicious and cost effective. Today freshly made pasta is one of life's great pleasures! At Jamie's Italian, we know what makes a great bowl of the good stuff. #ProperPasta