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We are seeking support from like-minded brands – those that value education, positive thinking and generosity - to become sponsors or supporters of the Ministry of Food campaign at both a national and local level.

The rise in obesity in the UK has clear implications for all of us, but especially for businesses and employers. A healthy workforce is essential to achieve growth, competitiveness and productivity. The Foresight Report estimated that weight problems already cost the wider UK economy around £16bn annually, and that this will rise to £50bn a year by 2050 if left unchecked.

Research proves that companies that invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees see a decrease in health-care costs, a reduction in sick leave and absenteeism, and improved morale and outputs.

The rising economic costs of ill health can be tackled through workplace wellbeing initiatives. Ministry of Food can help business build a healthier and committed workforce and we now offer the following opportunities to corporate partners:


Jamie's Ministry of Food can now offer business our specially devised Corporate Ministry of Food Course that can be run as part of your training, or wellbeing initiatives. The Corporate Course takes learners through an effective curriculum that gives them a solid grounding in core kitchen skills, a wide understanding of food and nutrition, and the confidence to cook. For more information on the Corporate Course contact: info@jamiesministryoffood.com

Alternatively, why not encourage your staff to take a course, or become volunteers, at their local Ministry of Food project?


We want to maintain the great work of our Ministry of Food projects and create a UK network of cooking centres and mobile outreach services to ensure that every community, workplace and employee in the country can benefit from Jamie's Ministry of Food. To become reality, this aim requires funding and support from far-sighted partners, and generous sponsors.

We offer a wide range of sponsor benefits to corporate partners so why not join us and make a lasting difference? We are working to create a healthier future for the UK and, by supporting Jamie's Ministry of Food, your company or brand will be recognised as an integral supporter of this powerful movement. For more information please contact: info@jamiesministryoffood.com

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