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We are working to create a healthier future for the UK, and are seeking the support of like-minded brands to become national campaign partners � those that value education, positive thinking and generosity, and who want to be part of something truly inspiring.



Lucy Pearson I recently completed a six-week work placement at Jamie's Ministry of Food in Leeds Kirkgate Market. I had been looking forward to this since I arranged it back in February, but was quite anxious to start with. From what I could see when I popped in to visit, the cookery classes seemed quite busy and lively, with the teacher running the lesson and another staff member and volunteer to help out. It was hard to see where I might fit in and be useful. However, I needn't have worried! Read more Paul, (37) As part of Voyage, a carer’s group, Paul attended Jamie’s Ministry of Food to learn how to cook more healthy meals for the people he cares for. Since attending the course he has lost three and a half stone in weight simply by learning how to cook, understanding food groups and cooking with fresh products. Paul did not set out to lose weight, this has occurred through Paul’s improved lifestyle which was brought about by what he learnt at Ministry of Food. Hayley, (29) She has two children under the age of three. Hayley had never been taught how to cook as Hayley’s mum didn’t cook either. Hayley was concerned that she was bringing her young children up on ready meals, and enrolled for a ten week course at the Ministry of Food Centre in order to be able to cook for her family. Hayley now cooks fresh family meals daily instead of the usual ready meals they all used to eat. Joelle , (27) Joelle moved out of her childhood home and was living off takeaways and ready meals. Joelle completed a ten week course at the Ministry of Food Centre and now cooks meals with fresh products. Joelle has lost weight, saves money each week and thinks her food now tastes so much better.

"My mates and I were looking for something to do to do a cooking class. But all the courses that are run are cake making or Chinese cooking loads of specialist things and nothing about everyday cooking that would be at our level and help us to cook everyday food. Then we found the Ministry of Food course. It's just what we wanted."


The existing Ministry of Food projects in the UK would not have been established without the assistance of our wonderful partner organisations and the generous backing of many local public funding bodies. The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation acknowledges this vital support and thanks them for their continuing commitment to the campaign.




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