Compared to the neighbouring St Paul’s Cathedral, Barbecoa isn’t exactly old. But if you look at how far it’s come it feels a lot more impressive. The restaurant started as a sketch on a napkin, drawn by Jamie Oliver and his new acquaintance Adam Perry Lang over a late-night bottle of Moonshine. If anything, its opening night back in October 2010 was even more chaotic. Nothing was ready – the menu wasn’t finished and the restaurant was still a building site. Then the gas failed. The kitchens, which runs mostly on open flames, was able to keep going and the 100-strong team managed to come together and get the food out. Then the fire alarm went off, and still the team stuck together.

It’s easy to over-emphasise the importance of situations like that, but it shows how special Barbecoa is; that when most restaurants would have closed, “Barby” was able to keep going. Our love of traditional cooking methods kept us going that night, and we never faltered again. Now Barbecoa is a bustling restaurant, packed with delighted diners every day of the week. Our menu is loaded with gorgeous modern dishes, cooked using methods around for hundreds of years. The meat we work so hard to find and dry-age to perfection brings people back time and time again to the restaurant and the butchery – where the passion that got us through that first night still burns on in all of us.

Happy birthday Barbecoa!


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