Oooh a new pressie from Samsung – and like all of their other electronics it’s a real looker; all frosty chrome and pin-sharp LCD, but can it perform? According to the blurb the new Smart Oven from Samsung can do a whole host of amazing things, from fermenting dough (I’ll be doing this at Christmas with a Panettone) to an intelligent defrost. With a powerful microwave (900 watts) and a decent convection and grill it was a welcome replacement.

It’s got a generous-sized inside and with all the amazing, yet completely understandable controls, I thought I’d really put it to the test with a crackling joint. Frozen belly of pork – organic and free-range, of course – and turn it into one of Jamie’s new Save With Jamie recipes. Then I thought I’d really test it and make some yoghurt.

Sensors tell you when your meat is defrosted as they magically read the outside temperature of your food as well as the internal density – don’t ask because I haven’t got a clue how!


Frozen joint in, smart defrost button activated and it was perfectly ready to… well, put it back in there. But first I preheated the oven using the fast option which combines microwave and convection to save oodles of time in getting to that optimum heat.


I rubbed a bay leaf, paprika and olive oil paste into the slashed skin and sat it on some garlic, sweet potato and chillies in a small roasting tin and cooked on full for 45 mins. I then removed the belly, added passata with a slosh of red wine vinegar and mixed it into the veggies, plonked the pork back on and returned for 90 mins. Crispy crackling, and I mean crispy, with a succulent flesh and zingy veggies in sauce – perfect.


Now the yoghurt, and as strange as it seems this is a really cost-effective way of creating a load of fresh yoghurt. Mix 150g of natural plain yoghurt – you need the existing cultures in a yoghurt as it’s a living thing, bizarrely – with 500ml of whole long-life milk with a minimum fat content of 3.5 per cent. Shove it in the oven on the auto-fermentation setting – it takes nine hours and then six in the fridge. It plumped up beautifully and the steady heat left the consistency super-creamy. I served with toasted oats and a Bonne Mamam pot of rasperries. Lovely.


The Samsung Smart Oven is more like a flipping genius, and a good-looking one at that! Keep your eyes out for more from this oven in the coming months – including the panettone.


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