Celebrate the Tour de France bike race this month, with a tasty tour of the best treats from six French regions, from our friend Alex, AKA French Guy Cooking.

“If you’re a foodie, Burgundy is probably already on your bucket list. Home of the iconic Beef Bourguignon and Coq au vin, it’s also where you’ll find Burgundy wine (which is used in both recipes above). The area is also famous for Dijon mustard, blackcurrants and the super-stinky, washed rind Epoisses cheese.

“Champagne! Besides the most famous sparkling beverage in the world, the east of France also showcases some beautiful patés and cured sausages. Dig into traditional choucroute; a fermented cabbage dish served with a beautiful assortment of charcuterie.”

“Sometimes a little underrated, the north is a place of great produce. Go for Endives Béchamel (braised chicory in white sauce), and I also recommend the fantastic local seafood (shells, mussels, herring), served up with small nutty potatoes called Rattes (from Le Touquet).”

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“You’ll find the freshest fish and seafood France has to offer in the west. May I suggest wandering around the markets, an oyster in one hand, and a glass of dry cider in the other? And if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the Salted butter caramel crêpes and Crispy buckwheat galettes!”

“Ah, la Provence! I’m immediately transported to sipping an ice cold glass of rosé, listening to the cicadas, inhaling the fragrance of pine forests, and enjoying a moment of calm. Oh, and when you’re done, go and gather some wild thyme and rosemary for the barbie.”

“Deciding which Bordeaux wine to drink with your cassoulet will be the main topic for discussion at the south-western table. Famous for its foie gras, the south-west is also homeland to the mighty black truffle: add a generous shaving to mashed potato and thank me later. Basque and Spanish influences make for a colourful, sunny and spicy cuisine (well, as spicy as French food can be)!”

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