Jamie spoke to a thousand entrepreneurs this morning (Tuesday) about his use of digital sharing.
Sitting alongside Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, Jamie told the Le Web audience in Westminster how he uses Instagram to connect with his followers. Sharing beautiful photographs of his activities, family life and food.

“Everything I do is driven by creativity…including the way I share,” jamie said. “we use our digital creativity and sharing to push the important things, things I care about. Our pink slime campaign trended and so did my support for Martha, the schoolgirl school dinners blogger. These things were picked up internationally.”

After the event Jamie added: “It was the first time I had done anything like that, and it was really exciting to see all the intensity going on in the room; everyone on their Macs and phones. It's really exciting about where it's heading – but who knows?”

And how does Jamie's future fit in with all of this?
“It's really exciting times on JamieOliver.com as well, as we have a great chance to be at the front of the game, making it a beautiful and interactive experience,” he said.

Take a look at Jamie's Instagram pics here and join in.


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