When times get busy, routine can take a backseat and meal planning can go out the window. So to help, we’ve pulled together 10 delicious yet simple oven-baked dinners to see you through the hectic days.

They’re quick and easy to put together, and best of all, there’s hardly any washing up at the end of it – winner!

Traybaked chicken with spiced Indian potatoes

Packed with flavour and spice, this super-easy traybake also contains three of your 5-a-day. Simply whack it all together then leave the oven to do the hard work.

Easy tuna pasta bake

Tuna pasta bake will always be a firm family favourite. Flaky tuna, penne pasta, basil and a simple tomato sauce topped with a layer of melted cheese – Kerryann Dunlop shows how you can easily feed a family of six by throwing these humble ingredients together.

Creamy fish pie

What could be better than a bubbling, hearty fish pie for a midweek dinner? Here, Donal Skehan brings together tasty chunks of smoked fish and creamy sauce, topped with crisp, cheesy potatoes and crunchy breadcrumbs. Delicious!

Healthy traybaked chicken thighs

In this video, Kerryann shows you how to make Jamie’s traybaked chicken from Save with Jamie. At just under £2 per person, it’s a bargain meal for four with the added bonus of being good for you, too.

Healthy BBQ baked beans

Ditch the readymade sort and make your own barbecued baked beans instead. DJ BBQ is here to show you how. Served up with Vitamin C-rich sweet potatoes, cheesy croutons and a drizzle of yoghurt, this is a great meat-free meal for the whole family.

Baked cheese & ham pasta

Oozing with four different cheeses, this pasta bake from Gennaro Contaldo is pretty indulgent, but makes a delicious family treat every now and again.

Oven-baked sausage ragù

A real one-tray-wonder, Jamie’s flavour-packed sausage traybake is hard to beat. Simply bake in the oven for one hour, then serve up with some crusty wholemeal bread and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Ultimate macaroni cheese

Kerryann shows you how to make another simple classic and the perfect comfort food – mac ‘n’ cheese.

Spicy meat gumbo

With spicy chicken, chorizo and bacon slowly cooked with peppers, celery and chunks of sweet potato, this one-pot dish from DJ BBQ is not to be messed with!

Prosciutto chicken in mushroom sauce

For this succulent bake, Donal stuffs chicken breasts with a spinach and cheesy breadcrumb filling, wraps them in mouth-watering prosciutto and serves with a rich mushroom sauce.

For more quick and easy one-pan ideas, check out these recipes.


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