Jamie's school dinners inspiration Jeanette Orrey has been included in a list of 100 people that make Britain a happier place.

The Independent on Sunday's Happy List 2012 has recognised the pioneering dinner lady who, while working as a catering manager at a Nottinghamshire school, instigated the Food for Life campaign of which over 4,000 schools are now members.

Jamie said this morning: “Jeanette is an incredible woman, going from being a cook in a small school to being an absolute source of inspiration of knowledge for thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of kids, to help them improve their systems and food.
“She is a brilliant, brilliant woman and early pioneer for all of the school dinner campaigns.”

Jeanette took her place on the list – which the IoS calls the antidote to the Sunday Times Rich List – alongside Jeanette are 99 other Britons ranging from the man who has run an animal rescue centre for 35 years and the founder of a project which has helped disaster victims in 65 countries, to an ex-dealer in drugs who is now a youth mentor. There are charity founders, wildlife conservationists, community stalwarts, and a mother who lost three of her own babies and who has since helped thousands of other women avoid the same fate.