Jamie’s latest TV series starts on Monday on Channel 4 at 5pm.

In 15-Minute Meals, Jamie cooks up delicious and super-fast dishes in his Essex kitchen.

Dishes with balanced nutrition, beautiful colours and amazing flavours from all over the culinary world will be whipped up daily by Jamie.

And yes, these dishes can all be cooked up in the magic 15-minutes, see more episode information here.

Just because it’s quick and easy to cook these recipes, there is no end to the variety with pastas, burgers, curries, desserts and rice dishes.

In the show Jamie talks through all the recipes from the book, step by step in his inimitable style.

Watching Jamie whip up these beautiful plates has been enhanced thanks to the 15-Minute Meals app which helps you plan, shop and cook up a storm.

Jamie said: “I wanted to come up with a ‘Top of the Pops’ of cooking. I wanted meals to be really quick and the flavours to be obvious, easily recognisable and loved. If you look through the recipes, we go from Cajun to jerk and Indian to barbecue, through to beautiful Thai-Asian flavours. There’s a whole mixture of the typical ingredients we cook with; beef, chicken, lamb, pork and fish, as well as some cracking vegetarian options. In 15-Minute Meals there is only a certain number of moves you make, it is like a dance. There is only a certain number of ingredients you can get away with too, because you would probably spend a lot of time opening stuff. So instead of using six different spices I’ll use garam masala; instead of using roast and puréed chilli and oil, I’ll just use harissa.”

So tune in to a new way of cooking – Monday 5pm, Channel 4.


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  • Love jamie’s meals tried a lot of them all so tasty and delicious keep going Jamie

  • Christy Laverty

    I LOVE this new show. I should actually say WE love this show. My husband and I watch this show often…. the recipes look delish and look so easy. WE are going to try a few this week! Thanks for showing us that good food can be made at home… fast