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I’m Ed.

I’ve been on here a few times before – there was a little report about the lovely Uyen Leluu’s supper club and also something on the difficulties of buying wine to take to dinner parties.

But over the next 6 months I’m hopefully going to be posting on here much more frequently. Danny, the awesome editor of the site, thought you might find what I have to say interesting. I suppose time will tell!

So what is it that we hope you’ll want to read?

Well, a month ago I left my job as a corporate lawyer in London as I’d decided to change my career completely. The aim is to try to earn my crust in an industry I’ve always wanted to be involved in – food. It’s a bit of a daunting move and quite what the future will look like is a little up in the air. But the first step began last Monday when I started a 6 month professional chef course at Westminster Kingsway college (which, as it happens, is where Jamie trained) The posts on this site will be a little journal on how that goes.

The course looks great, particularly because almost all of it is hands-on practical learning. Imagine that: 6 months of cooking, everyday, with top produce and under the watchful eyes of an experienced and patient chef. There are only four of us. Which is brilliant as it means we can be flexible in how fast we go (hopefully very) and what we do (ideally lots). And though I’m a decent home cook at the moment, I know I’m going to improve stratospherically by the end of it; the intention is to get us to the same level as the kids finishing their 3 year diploma at the college.

As well as the cooking and the theory, we’ll be going on the odd trip to producers (like Jamie’s mate, Paul Kelly), spending time in professional environments, and generally doing things that (certainly at this stage) seem much more enticing than devoting hours and hours to legal research, working on the disclosure of evidence and drafting 200 page witness statements.

If it looks like people think the posts are worth reading, I expect I’ll publish a new one about every two weeks. Danny and I are also talking about me putting on a couple of Sunday lunches in the supper club space above Fifteen as fundraisers for the Jamie Oliver Foundation. Perhaps one quite soon as a ‘before’ and one at the end as an ‘after’?

I’ll try and keep the updates varied: I guess there’ll be reports on things we’ve been cooking, techniques we’ve been learning and mistakes we’ve been making. And I’ll try and pass on some recipes and also useful tips and hopefully keep the pictures enticing. Like the two soups pictures at the top that we knocked up on our first day – a vegetable soup with girolles and a Scotch broth.

So. There you go. Hopefully you’ll like the posts. If you do, you might also enjoy my blog It’s about 50% restaurant reviews and 50% recipes.

Do feel free to leave comments!


About the author: Edward Smith is a recovering lawyer and an aspiring chef and food writer. Check out his blog


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