Story by Fran Krajewski

The earlier you buy an airline ticket, the less you pay – now you can do the same with wine. When you're planning your Summer hols, it generally pays to plan in advance and get your flights booked early. Apply this logic to buying your wine, and it can save you a tidy sum too.

A little confused? Let me explain…

Take a £6 bottle of wine, and by the time you've accounted for the cost of the bottle, transport, an agent's fee and marketing, it only leaves you with about £1 worth of wine. Quite a ludicrous balance when the beauty of a bottle of wine is to drink it!

Naked Wines have recently launched a new service to try and eliminate as much of this cost as possible, and it starts by letting you buy your wine on the vine.

By knowing they've sold the wine before it's even been made, wine makers can eliminate a lot of agent’s fees and marketing costs. These cost savings are passed onto the buyer. The model also means that unknown wineries, new to the world of exporting, have a risk-free route to market. So you can feel good about supporting smaller, usually independently run wineries.
The service, called Advance Bookings, was rolled out in May at the London International Wine Fair, the UK's largest trade event of the year. The Fair attracts winemakers from all over the globe looking to make a sale, and a team of 30 Naked Wine Tasters (customers who help Naked choose their wines), came along to sample hundreds of the wines on offer.

The team of Tasters were challenged to find the best undiscovered winemaker at the Fair, who was looking for UK representation. Within a few hours of picking a winner, the winning producer's wine was live on the Naked Wines website and selling like hotcakes.
The result? A previously unknown winemaker from Chile, with oodles of talent, sold £30,000 worth of wine in 24 hours. A Wine Fair first.

The Director of the Wines of Chile summed the day up nicely: “The speed and ease at which the order was agreed, and the wines sold, is a huge step forward for the industry. What can typically take months and cost thousands of pounds, has been turned on its head.”

About the author: Fran Krajewski is the Business Development Manager for Naked Wines.
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