cocktail request week

Cocktail request week is now over!

Next week Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube is setting up shop in Old Street Tube Station in East London for a special week of cocktail making.

They will be taking requests from passers by, Twitter and Facebook followers, and a few choice celebrities, then knocking them up throughout the day. To get involved and get your cocktail made just use the hashtag #cocktailrequest to send us a picture of your favourite ingredient, or a scene that you think might inspire our mixologists. They’ll then knock it up and the video uploaded to Drinks Tube as soon as it’s ready.

If we pick your picture not only will you get a mention and a cocktail recipe, we’ll even name the cocktail after you. If you’re in the vicinity you could even come down and watch it being made and filmed – on the day we’ll have lots of special guests, including Simone Caporale, DJ BBQ, Gennaro and Jonny from the Craft Beer Channel.

So get thinking! Jamie will kick things off with a request from where he is on holiday to give you some ideas. And watch this space too, because we’ll be keeping up with all the action.


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