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Since Jamie's Food Revolution aired in the States there has been an outpouring off support from people from across the country. Many people are starting their own revolution. Here is a special story from Peta as she has been visiting her child’s school at lunchtime to eat lunch with her daughter:

Greetings from Hoboken and many thanks for having me on!Early March saw the birth of EAT Hoboken- A School Lunch Blog. What provoked me to become an advocate for better school food? First, my own personal relationship with food, memories of home-cooked meals being enjoyed with family and friends and seeing how the schools have turned into giant fast food outlets, had a huge impact. Second, distaste for processed fast foods and agribusiness and how each of them are environmentally destroying the earth made me realize the need to bring about awareness. Third, a developing obsession with the slow food movement, a passion ignited by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and an admiration for our First Lady, Michelle Obama, activated something inside of me. Fourth, the thought of having our kids grow up with health problems ranging from obesity to diabetes really made me think long and hard about our planets future. Also, finding out that our Food Service Provider was not delivering what they promised as per the menu was extremely frustrating. The tipping point was really seeing what the kids were being served. Discovering insipid chicken nuggets with brown-green spots, dry overcooked pizza and no fresh fruit or vegetables just added fuel to my fire. It saddened me that in a country as rich and plentiful as America, the kids were being served absolute junk and we, for the most part, were okay with it”¦or are we?

Initially the school was uneasy but they have an open-door policy with the parents and so were understanding and supportive of the cause. The school district itself however, has been a little slower and guarded on receiving criticism. They believe that there are 2100 other kids in our district that are ‘happily eating lunch’ and that there is no problem since 98% of parents have not complained. On the other hand the contracted Food Service Company has been quite responsive.

Since EAT Hoboken started, a fruit basket has been permanently placed in the cafeteria and this month saw the inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits almost daily in the district-wide menu! A welcome change from the canned vegetables and syrupy fruit concoctions that were regularly served! I believe someone must be listening. My daughter and her classmates love that I visit the school. 3,4 and 5 year olds need to be encouraged to try new foods and its always interesting to get feedback on a meal. Even the lunch lady has grown fond of me”¦she now calls me Ms. Pest. Very endearing 😉

A food revolution IS happening because parents like myself are getting involved. Have lunch with your kid and check it out. I did and change has slowly come about. Raise awareness, make some noise, and give our children a real shot at a healthy life, their future depends on it and so does this planets’.


EAT Hoboken

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