The Southend Pier café is playing host to one of the biggest names in pop music on this week’s episode of Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

The team will be joined in the kitchen by global superstar Ellie Goulding, who will be mixing things up and setting the boys a challenge with her vegan diet. Together with Ellie, Jamie will be dreaming up a lip-smackingly impressive vegan burger, complete with a gorgeous spicy vegan mayonnaise. Once she’s gotten her mouth around the first, Ellie will be recreating them on her own for the entire café, despite rarely cooking for herself.

vegan burger

Also on tonight’s episode, Jamie guides us through making the ultimate (and believe us, we mean ultimate) ramen, featuring a beautiful slab of pork belly and a nutrient-rich, four-hour bone broth. It’s an explosion of colours and comfort flavours – as Jamie says, it’s “good for the soul, good for the taste buds, and very good for you”.

While Jamie’s roasting and brewing bones outside the Cock in Cider, Jimmy is constructing his very own rotisserie out of basic materials picked up from a hardware store. “The beauty of this,” he says, “is in the simplicity of the build.” The contraption, complete with a sturdy fire basket, produces a smoky, moist chicken – a million times better that what you can cook in a gas oven.

And finally, tonight we get to see Jamie and Jimmy solve the age-old problem of surplus crops going to waste. To solve this, Jimmy plans on revisiting the equally ancient tradition of gleaning. He invites the local community of one farm, once the initial harvest has been completed, to forage among the rows in the field for the many, many onions that are not financially viable for harvest by farmers. Also, see what Jamie and the farmers can do with two tonnes of onions and a hungry team of volunteers.

If you want to find out more about food waste, check out Love Food Hate Waste, a charity raising awareness of the issue, and make sure to tune in tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 for a feast worthy of your Friday night!

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