Photographs so beautiful you could eat them, recipes so evocative you are transported to all the culinary corners of the world – yes, food photography legend David Loftus has released his book.

Jamie’s pal David has published his cookbook Around the World in 80 Dishes, and as you would expect with that title it is an internationally-flavoured belter.
Inspired by the Jules Verne novel Around the World in 80 Days, David’s book showcases recipes from top names, including our Jamie.

Gennaro Contaldo, Sybil Kapoor, Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal and Atul Kochhar have all contributed alongside many other esteemed food writers and stylists with David’s glorious images central to the plot.

Phileas Fogg’s journey in Verne’s book took in exotic locations as he attempted to circumnavigate the globe, here those destinations are explored through the beauty of food.
We embark on our journey from London, with fresh mackerel, juicy steak and sweet pudding recipes aplenty before setting sail for Europe; think pastas, camembert, timbale, Provencale strawberries, Italian breads”¦..

Get your visas ready, we’re off again; this time David’s lens focuses on the fuchsia pinks, figs and cinnamon honey-infused warmth of Egypt and the Middle East. The highlights including Debbie Loftus’ date and coffee loaf, evoking the spirit of the souk and Nigella’s overnight lamb shanks and the author’s own chicken tagine filling the air with roast spice.
Through the Suez to the sub-continent and on to India’s culinary jewels, soaked in the colours of the Raj. A Jamie jungle rabbit, Andy Harris’ squid, Kochhar’s magic spicy wraps and my personal fave Sybil Kapoor’s sticky orange, chilli and vodka cake; the photo itself brings you to your knees, inventive and beautiful.

A Singapore sling awaits you on your colonial balcony in the Asian section, before you head out from your Raffles suite into the sultry night to take on Andy Harris’ chilli crab, Adam Perry Lang’s beef ribs and much more. A little further into your voyage and Pete Begg’s crispy tempura and some Gennaro and Jamie carpaccio from the Land of the Rising Sun bring a brighter taste.

A Pacific crossing later and we are dining in the US, a Caesar salad in San Fran, a Molly Wrigglesworth apple pie, lobster and a cherry & almond cake prepare you for your trans-Atlantic crossing back to Blighty.

Through mouth-watering recipes and divine images we are reminded of one important but simple truth; in food the world is united. Despite the differences in produce and palates, we share this love; we are inspired by our neighbours and colonisers, immigrants and overlords, and this book is a true celebration of the influences and traditions, colours and beauty of world cuisine.

You can order your copy here.


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