Story by Peter Berry

In one of the most memorable nights in the 10-year history of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant, five of the original graduates from the first group of apprentices returned to the Fifteen kitchen together for the first time since 2002 and created a fantastic meal for 65 invited guests. The Supper Club – the first of 10 similar events throughout 2012 – was both a celebration of the restaurant’s 10th anniversary as well as a commemoration of the life of Kevin Boyle whose family were guests of honour.

In a moving tribute, Jamie spoke of his pride and joy at watching the fantastic careers of some of the graduates – for example Tim Siadatan who is head chef and co-owner of the acclaimed Trullo restaurant and Warren Fleet who is head chef at The Anchor & Hope in Waterloo – but also his sadness that Kevin could not be there to join the celebrations. “He was a beautiful person,” said Jamie, “and he would have loved this tonight.”

The graduates became famous in 2002 after appearing in the hit Channel 4 series “Jamie’s Kitchen” which followed the difficult but ultimately successful birth of Fifteen restaurant and its ground-breaking apprenticeship programme which continues to train young people to become chefs.

Returning to the kitchen alongside Tim and Warren were graduates Ben Arthur, currently junior sous chef at Fifteen Cornwall; Kerryann Dunlop, now a mum and helping out as a community chef in East London; and Elisa Roche who has moved into journalism but remains a committed cook.

About the author: Peter Berry is Jamie's Publicist. For more information on Fifteen.


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