food revolution day 2014

It may technically depend on where you are in the world, but it’s finally Food Revolution Day and you can follow all the action here!

Every year the Jamie Oliver Foundation and its partners around the globe host a day of global action, fighting obesity and getting people excited about good food. Diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease are among the world’s biggest killers, but most cases are entirely preventable with a healthy attitude to food.

Jamie says: “You’ve heard me talking about food and its impact on the health of our nation for many years, but you’ve got to hand it to me, at least I’m consistent – I won’t ever stop demanding positive change that gives the next generation a brighter future. It’s a sad fact that our children are getting unhealthier and they’re expected to live shorter lives than their parents. This is morally, socially and financially unacceptable.”

So, from now until Saturday morning, we’re dedicating every waking hour to inspiring kids and big kids alike to get cooking from scratch. Learning to cook means people can control exactly what they eat and what goes into their food.

Last year we had more than 1,200 events in over 70 countries, but this year is going to be even bigger. As well as Jamie’s World Record attempt at the biggest live cooking lesson ever, we’ve got loads going on all over the site and all over the world – with cooking lessons and dinners as far flung as China and Brazil.

If that’s inspired you and you want to get involved it’s not too late! You can follow our intrepid reporter Jonny Garrett as he chases Jamie across London, cook along with Jamie live at 2pm BST at, or just get some family and friends together to cook up a healthy meal from scratch.

And remember, the Food Revolution doesn’t stop on Saturday morning. We’re constantly championing good food, the importance of cooking from scratch and the need to educate kids about where food comes from – and you should too. For more details, get involved at the Food Revolution Day site.

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