Last Friday’s UK broadcast of the second episode of Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty’s latest TV bonanza Friday Night Feasts was full of amazing recipes and stellar guests.

Jamie was joined by Hollywood star Sienna Miller in the Southend-on-sea Pier’s Café to get her cooking her fave Tuscan stew, a duck ragu with homemade pici pasta, check out the recipe here.

Jimmy showed how to build your very own hog-roasting machine while Jamie enthused about cooking fish in a salt crust, slapping it all over a whole salmon (see the recipe here).

The pair also continued their travels, reviving fading classics of Brit cuisine, by visiting Lancashire to help breathe new life into the Tosset cake. If you’re from Lancashire and have your own recipe for a Tosset Cake then let us know about it on Twitter at @JamieOliverCom! Recipe below.

The show continues this Friday, with more mega-stars turning up and further fading classics being introduced to a new audience and saved from extinction.

Tosset cake

Makes 25

500g plain flour, plus extra for dusting

150g caster sugar, plus extra for sprinkling

500g unsalted butter, softened

1 heaped teaspoon caraway seeds

1 heaped teaspoon coriander seeds

Icing sugar, for decorating

Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4.

Sieve the flour and sugar into a large bowl, then rub in the butter. Lightly crush the

seeds in a pestle and mortar, then add to the bowl. Stir the mixture so it comes

together to form a dough, bringing it together to make a ball, then wrap in cling film

and place in the fridge to rest for around 1 hour.

Roll out the dough on a flour-dusted surface to roughly ½cm thick, then stamp out

circles with a 6cm pastry cutter. Place the dough circles onto a flour-dusted baking

tray and sprinkle with a little sugar. Pop in the hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes, or until

firm (you want them to be a nice pale colour, rather than golden). Transfer to a wire

cooling rack to cool completely, then dust with icing sugar and serve.


friday night feast


  • claudia

    don’t bother with the recipe for tosset cakes. it’s a crumbly disaster!

    • Jamie Oliver

      i think you’ll find you just didn’t do it right Claudia its a great recipe

      • Big Pancake

        Hi Jamie,

        I think Claudia is right the recipe as published does not produce biscuits just a crumbly mess as my mum and I found out see pic below. This is because the proportions of the ingredients are off. There is just not enough flour in the mix to make it stable. We luckily did not cook all the mix and have adjusted the proportions to something more stable and shortbread like. If you change the amount of flour in the original recipe to around 720g I think you will get a stable biscuit that looks like the original picture. I have baked and eaten 1 tester biscuit so far that was ok.

        Many thanks,


        • Ben C

          That doesn’t look like a crumbly disaster to me! They look fine, if just a little too thin and delicate. I’ve attached a photo of how the recipe turned out for me

          • Big Pancake


            After adding the additional flour to the other half of the dough as I suggested above I managed to find time to bake the dough. Here is my final result see pic below. This cooked and eats much more like a biscuit and is edible unlike the original that just spread out to fill the baking tray.

            Many thanks,


        • Julia Thomas

          I wonder if you rolled them too thinly?

  • nikroy

    Just made a batch of these and they are AMAZING!!! Really buttery and crumbly, much lighter and more delicate than shortbread – just the way I like my biscuits 😀
    I’ve never tried caraway before but thought it smelled delicious before baking however I found the flavour of the spices very mild in the finished biscuits so will probably add more to my next batch (and halve the rest of the ingredients as I somehow managed to end up with three times as many biscuits as I should have!)
    Trust the recipe and give it a try, something as simple as not using proper butter or missing out the chilling stage can spoil a perfectly good recipe 😉

  • Ben C

    Just adding my experience since some doubt has been cast on this recipe: at one point I *thought* I was suffering a crumbly disaster, but I’m actually very happy with the results. You have to be careful to bake the biscuits long enough to cook them so they hold together, but without getting too golden brown, at which point they will have got too dry and crispy, and this is quite a fine line. I found 14 minutes in our fan oven at 180c was about right, just as they begin to darken, but it took a couple of bakes to get right (luckily this recipe made 4 trays of 10 biscuits for me which I had to do 1 at a time so most of mine turned out great!). I think I’d add perhaps 25% more of the seeds next time, although it might be because my coriander seeds are a bit old that I couldn’t taste them that well.

  • David Andrews

    Sounds like Goosnargh Cakes which have 1.5 times more flour than butter

  • Adriano Tarasco


  • Darren Evans

    Just made a half batch and ended up with 20 biscuits.

    Taste is excellent but I too think the spices need to upped probably to two heaped teaspoons each per full batch. (I used freshly bought spices to crush).

    Unfortunately I wasn’t careful enough rolling out the biscuits so they were of uneven thickness so cooked unevenly. The best ones were the thickest (6-8mm maybe before going into oven). They didn’t overcook and they were less crumbly, more stable and softer. The thinner ones were getting close to “crumbly mess” territory.

    Will definitely try again.

  • sharon

    hi yep going to try duck ragu were can i get pici pasta already made 🙂

  • Julia Thomas

    Gorgeous – they have to be at least half a centimetre thick or they crumble. I found the seed mixture just about right – the little orange burst in the coriander seed is delicious

  • Hannah Inglis

    Me and my Dad made these, they turned out light and yummy.


  • Andreas Arns Raffaela Arns

    hi i am andy from german i nedd the recept in german language please.

  • Andreas Arns Raffaela Arns

    i need the recept from tooset cake on german please.

  • SIMON Barton On Sea

    Tosset Recipe is perfect. I use 2 batons same thickness to get an even roll out. Try using egg rings for frying eggs 7cm diam 13mm thick fill with mix, level off leave in ring 15-18mins in oven. Leave to go cold remove ring easy to cut in quarters. Can use pastry cutters for different shapes

  • Rashila

    I absolutely love these cakes and both my first two batches turned out amazing! However, my third batch wasn’t as good and I experienced the same crumbling texture and overspreading during baking as other people may have done … I did everything the same as before except for chilling the mixture for long enough. I now know that skipping or shortening this element of the process is important to produce the best results. I’ll try doing a fourth batch and see how I get on …. 🙂 yummy!!!

    • H R

      Yep mine spread too. TO the extent that an edgeless tray meant a filthy oven

  • Sergourmet

    Grandes receitas hoje pelo que vi aqui no Brasil na transmissão do programa de hoje. Já fiz a Tosset e postei no Instagram Sergourmet, ficou fabulosa a receita!

  • H R

    Mine spread terribly. To thre tims the size. I cooled the mixture. Whats up?