Story by Casson Rosenblatt

We are so excited to be introducing the activist program to you as we work towards the launch of the brand new Food Revolution website and activism community this fall. We hope that it will create a network of community leaders across the states forming an on-the-ground movement! Casson Rosenblatt from the TED Prize team has been working closely with us in the development of this and introduces the program.

This fall the Food Revolution will begin a program to support you, the students, parents and concerned citizens of America, in creating change in your local school lunchroom. Beginning with three achievable goals, we hope to expand and unite the movement of activists fighting to improve school food for all children.
We are currently developing a straight forward, step-by-step approach to help leaders organize and empower their community. A set of online and offline tools, such as downloadable PowerPoint presentations and conference calls, will accompany each step along the path to change.

A newly designed website, also launching in the fall, will support the program. It will be a place for leaders, community members, local organizations and interested people to connect, learn and share.

If you are interested in leading your community, sign up here. There is a ‘Become an Activist’ form below the petition map. We will then send you all of the information you will need as we get closer to the launch.

About the author: Casson Rosenblatt is the Community Catalyst of the TED Prize part of TED Conferences, in New York City, supporting Jamie’s Food Revolution