Story by Benedikt Ernst

Some people return from their shopping trips with bags full of clothes and shoes. My bags were always filled with fruit and vegetables, fresh cheese, aromatic rye bread and even more aromatic smoked fish. When I'm strolling around the farmers markets in Hamburg, my eyes often get bigger than my stomach and I'm buying way more than I could eat myself. But nothing goes into the trash, I'd rather throw a big feast in my small kitchen – because cooking doesn't only make me happy, it is also my favourite way to relax. It may seem chaotic, when I'm turning my kitchen into a battlefield from time to time while listening to loud music, but cooking is actually one of the few activities, for which I can bring up endless patience. The perfect source for recreation!

But where did it all start? Growing up in a food-loving family in Bavaria, I took the first steps on my own at an organic fruit farm near Stuttgart after finishing school. Working there, I physically experienced how much time, effort and heart lies in every single apple. When I went to Kiel to study food science, I learned that there are also polysaccharides, carboxylic acids and healthy antioxidants in it. And when I spent six wonderful months in Denmark, i realized that the best food is always growing right outside your door, even in climatically challenged places.

Of course, Germany has lots of things to discover, too! Sushi and pasta are not special anymore, but only few people know about the amazing taste of self-made Spätzle with a creamy stew of black salsifies. Fresh bread with north sea shrimp and horseradish can steal the show of every scallop. And some craft beers from the cellars of upper Franconia are worth abandoning the finest champagne. I know what I'm talking about.

I am so thrilled to share my experiences and discoveries with you as website editor on Jamies german website. Furthermore, I can't wait to read about your preferences, favourite recipes and insiders tips in the forums and comments. In the end, culinary excitement is the most fun when you can share it with like-mided people. I can already promise you one thing: It's going to get really tasty!

Liebe Grüße und bis bald,


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