The world's press came to London today (Monday) to have an audience with Jamie on the state of English food culture.

During the event, hosted by Visit London and chaired by Square Meal editor Ben McCormack, Jamie answered questions on his restaurants, campaigns, passions and legacy.

Jamie was asked during the interview what his proudest achievement has been, to which he answered: “I think it has to be the school dinners campaign…basically, dog food has higher standards than the food we feed our schoolchildren.” He called the move by the current Government to remove the nutritional standards charter for schools “unforgivable.” He also praised the way Australia had really taken to improving their food culture as a result of his efforts there.

Jamie also defended English food saying that traditionally other countries had viewed the food here, especially in London, as poor, but that now it had gone through a transformation making it something to be proud of.

McCormack then asked where Jamie's passion and drive came from, to which he responded: “Being in the food industry means I am surrounded by passionate people with amazing knowledge. It's the passionate people around me that make it easy to feel passionate about these things.”

Pink slime was also on the agenda, as Jamie explained how his campaign, to expose the practise of putting the reformed meat product into ground beef meals, has been a phenomenal success in many parts of the world.

Jamie concluded the session by suggesting that the world will be forced to think more carefully about sustainable resources: “I'm a dad of four, so of course I think about the world I'm bringing my kids into; but life is such a great opportunity that sometimes it's best not to dwell on the doom and gloom all the time.


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