Story by Peter Berry

Channel 4: Jan 12th-16th

With popular fish species like cod, haddock and tuna under threat, Jamie Oliver is joining with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gordon Ramsey and Heston Blumenthal for Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight.

In a series of bite-sized programmes, the chef is taking over the schedules with suppers to help save our seas. Jamie is convinced that people can make a difference, simply by cooking different things.

So he's come up with ten delicious and easy new recipes using more plentiful types of fish and seafood – including mackerel, coley and dab – so that we won’t just be reaching for the old favourites during the weekly shop.

“I know you like your fish suppers, but our appetite for the same fish, day in, day out, is sucking the seas dry,” says Jamie. “Two-thirds of the wild fish that we eat are cod, haddock and tuna. Since the 1970s stocks of these three have dropped by up to 80%.

“I wouldn’t bother waiting for the politicians to sort this one out, guys, you can really help from the comfort of your own kitchen. People, just don’t be so boring! Lay off the cod, haddock and tuna, diversify and cook up a wider range of fish. And to help you out I’ve taken to the seas and rustled you up some fantastic alternative fish.”

Weds, Jan 12th
17.55-18.00: Trout
Jamie turns to farmed fish as he cooks up pan-seared trout with beets and horseradish sauce.

20.55-21.00: Coley
Jamie cooks up a cracking Korma with a neglected member of the cod family: Coley.

Thurs, Jan 13th
16.55-17.00: Mackerel
Jamie takes a traditional British fish, the mackerel, and gives it an eastern twist.

20.55-21.00: Mussels
Jamie cooks up a tasty recipe for this under-appreciated but delicious species – creamy mussels with smoky bacon and cider.

21.55-2200: Dab

Jamie dishes up pan-cooked Mediterranean-style Dab – a cheap, delicious alternative to flatfish like sole and plaice.

Fri, Jan 14th
19.55-18.00: Crab

Tonight Jamie turns to a great British shellfish for inspiration as he cooks up delicious crab cakes with hot, blackened salsa.

Sat, Jan 15th
16.55-17.00: Squid

Tonight Jamie gets to grips with squid and prepares chargrilled squid with rustic guacamole.

19.00-19.05: Pouting
Tonight Jamie cooks up fish fingers made with pouting, a little known fish that is a fantastic alternative to cod.

Sun, Jan 16th
16.15-16.25: Herring

Jamie inspires Britain to fall back in love with herring – a great British fish which is mainly exported and he cooks herring linguini.

19.25-19.30: Sardines
Jamie introduces the Cornish sardine, commonly called the pilchard and prepares harissa sardines with couscous salad.


To round off the series, an hour-long compilation of all ten programmes.

About the author:
Peter Berry is Jamie's publicist

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