Story by Letty Sundt

Jamie’s Food Revolution is going crazy! More than 142,000 people have already signed his petition and we’re getting about 1,000 new signatures an hour!

Jamie’s Food Revolution has got people all over America talking about the quality of food in their schools and homes. Yesterday the New York Times reported on the current appetite in America for wholesale food reform. Leading food commentator Prof Marion Nestle has urged readers of the Huffington Post to watch the show and get their kids to watch the show too because”¦.. This week’s Time magazine is talking about the battlefield that is food, with the population of US being challenged to work out the way to health between the conflicting ideas of gluttony and weight-loss. The Atlantic tells us that Huntington, WV, is really no different from the rest of the US.

Oprah’s show about obesity last week takes a candid look at how the disease affects the lives of families and loved ones as well. Ryan Seacrest is talking about it on his radio show”¦.

And the feedback we’re getting through blogs and forums is overwhelming. Check out these quotes:

“Thank you Jamie, so much for coming over and helping our country get motivated into eating real food! It takes a lot of strength and conviction to get people to wake up to this issue and make the necessary changes for themselves and their children.”

“…. I am not a man prone to emotional outbursts. I never blog, twitter or post; but, I just watched your Food Revolution tonight and WOW! My wife and I even got our kids out of bed to watch it with us.”

“I am so exciting to share just how amazing I think Jamie's Food Revolution is and it feels so comforting to know that “finally” someone has stepted up to the plate.”

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