Story by Michelle Smith

Last October in his new school food manifesto Jamie called for the notion that “Every School should be a Growing School” in support of the work of a Taskforce led by the Charity Garden Organic. So we are delighted that a report, from that Taskforce out today has proven, for the first time, that growing food at school has huge benefits to children.

The Food Growing in Schools report, is the work of a 25 strong Taskforce led by the charity Garden Organic. The Jamie Oliver Foundation are part of this taskforce alongside fellow members, including Morrisons Supermarket, The Forestry Commission and the Royal Horticultural Society. Today’s report highlights powerful evidence that getting kids growing in schools helps support their wider learning, gives them vital life and vocational skills, and more importantly for us improves their health and ability to make better food choices.

Having now officially proven the huge benefits that growing food in school has for children, the Taskforce now wants providers, society and business to come together to ensure that every child is involved in food growing as part of their school experience.

Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project, due to launch this April, will provide just that opportunity but with the essential added value of teaching children to cook the fresh seasonal produce they grow as well and providing schools with the facilities they need to cover this all round food education.

Jamie’s says “It is fantastic that a staggering 80% of England’s schools are now involved in some level of school food growing but it is vital that we get the cooking and the growing working together in schools. If we can do that then we have a real catalyst for change and I am really keen to work with businesses and other charities to make that change happen so please people get in touch”.

To see a summary of the full report go to Garden Organic. For more information on Jamie’s Kitchen Garden project please contact

About the author: Michelle Smith is the School Projects Manager for the Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project.


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