Story by Camilla Cameron

Jamie’s Ministry of Food, Bradford has been hailed in the city as a success as cooking classes are now full until Easter. The first lessons began last month at the Centre in John Street and until April there are now 10 classes a week. Pupils range in age from children as young as eight, through to grandparents of 86 – and they are having a go at everything from simple activities such as chopping carrots to cooking up a curry from scratch. So far, a total of 214 dishes have been prepared at the popular centre so people can learn to cook on a budget using fresh ingredients. To mark Chinese New Year, chicken chow mein and Thai green curry were on the menu.

Soraya Overend, the Project Manager at the Centre said, “On average, 85 people a week are benefiting from the Centre. For only £4, people can cook and take home a meal for four, with most of the ingredients bought in the Oastler Centre.” Participants take part in a 10 week course to learn how to cook a range of healthy recipes from scratch, whilst also learning about nutrition, hygiene and cooking on a budget. The Council and local Government Yorkshire and Humber have funded the project and businesses in the area have also supported it. Soraya added, “We would welcome enquiries from businesses interested in booking a team-building session or any businesses interested in funding under-privileged groups who have no budget to pay for the classes.”

Anyone interested in classes at the Centre should contact Soraya and her team on Tel: 01274 435 279. The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9.30-4.30pm – unless there is an outside event – and has evening classes on Tuesdays from 5.30pm.

About the author: Camilla Cameron is the Campaigns Manager for Jamie's Ministry of Food

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