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Summit in Zurich, September 1st – 4th

Jamie will make a rare speech at the One Young World summit in Zurich on September 2nd; it will be the first time that he has given a public speech since his acceptance of the prestigious TED Prize in February 2010.

As with the TED speech, Jamie is likely to focus his attentions on the global fight against the obesity epidemic and the urgent need for strategic action to educate and empower young people and communities so that they have the knowledge to make better food choices.

Jamie says: “When I was approached by One Young World to address the summit, I knew that it would be one of the toughest speeches I would ever give. These delegates, all under 27, come from all over the world and they’re the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. These guys don’t care about formalities or protocol – they want an insight on the global obesity epidemic. I hope that everyone leaves the room with a sense of urgency that action needs to be taken. Now.”

The speech takes place at 9.30am on Friday 2nd September in the Kongresshaus in Zurich.

In honor of Jamie’s speech we will be launching a new petition page on the Facebook Food Revolution Community to help us push Jamie’s petition to over 1 million global supporters.

Jamie’s Food Revolution petition has gained over 700,000 supporters since March 2010; mostly from the USA and over 30,000 from the rest of the world. From September 1st 2011 we will be updating Jamie’s petition to show a global count of supporters. The petition is still the same but widened out to address a global problem. This is a move to highlight the global obesity epidemic: 1.7 billion people are obese or overweight globally including 200 million children. The world wants a Food Revolution!

Keep your eye on the Food Revolution website for updates on One Young World and Jamie’s speech.

You can also embed our One Young World countdown widget on to your website that will direct you to the live-streaming of Jamie’s speech on the 2nd! Just copy and paste the code at the bottom of this article.

Find out more about One Young World.

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