jamie oliver blue peter badge

Two weeks ago, Jamie was awarded something special: his second Blue Peter badge. As context for our readers overseas, this award is presented as recognition of achievement by Blue Peter, the UK’s second longest-running children’s TV show, and is one of the nation’s most highly coveted accolades.

Jamie’s MBE, Emmy, BAFTA and TED awards were all wonderful, but none of them were green and wearable. The one Jamie was awarded is for environmental achievement, although there are also other colours like purple, silver, orange and the legendary gold which reward lots of different things.

Jamie was presented with the badge by Barney Harwood when he came to visit us at Jamie HQ. They talked about Food Revolution Day, the international day to teach kids to about food, cooking, and the joy of eating healthy, delicious food.

To find out more, watch Jamie on Blue Peter tomorrow at 5.30pm on CBBC, or go to foodrevolutionday.com!

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Jamie, but remind him there’s still the gold badge to go.

jamie oliver blue peter badge


blue peter badge

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