world cup

We know football isn’t for everyone, and we know that the offside rule still confounds some commentators, let alone your average punter.

Whether the World Cup in Brazil is the highlight of your year or the most boring period of TV scheduling ever devised, we’ve got coverage on the way that will please everyone. No two things bring people together more than sport and food – they are in our heads and our hearts all the time. So using just a few footballing metaphors, we’re going to be focusing on the cuisines, cultures and colours of every single nation in the World Cup.

That means for the next 32 days we’ll be giving you exclusive new recipes, delicious traditional drinks, exciting stories from around the world, and beautiful food photography. We’ve got tagines, barbecues, beers and coffee; we’re in France for Madeleines, Mexico for hands-on dinners and, of course, cooking up something super special for hosts Brazil.

So join us for Jamie’s Foodie World Cup to find out who’s up first. It’s a game changer, that’s for sure.

Oh, and go England!


  • Irene Haugland

    Love this idea. We’re def going to follow the posts and try our hand at some of the great food we know you’ll be dishing up. With one American and one Colombian in the family, and all five being completely crazy about football, this will be great!

  • Jorge sanchez

    Let’s go Mexico!!!!!

  • nancy alvear


    • Dani

      Our country has different foods from the northern to the southern Andean South!!

  • Meche

    what about Uruguay?!…ooops…sensitive time for bringing it up? yes, you know…that Little country…we played yesterday against…oh i know: ENGLAND! and we won, and we also have great food…so why not mentioning us?!!!

  • Nick Savage-Mady

    I too have been cooking a dish from every country and it has helped to me find some amazing food. I’ve forced myself to try recipes that will test my skills in the kitchen and delve into the history behind the food. From Cameroonian Bitter Leaf Stew to Iranian Shalab to good old Cornish Pasties.

    Football and food is a winning combination for me 🙂

  • Silvia

    it would be nice if you mention Costa Rica, I have so many recipes to share..Vamos Ticos!!!