Story by Fiona Rigby

For Christmas 2010, the Jme team is introducing a range of quirky but beautiful hampers to make wonderful gifts for friends and family. While each hamper is different, all of them were created with the aim of offering something special, memorable and much more exciting than ‘normal’ Christmas gift sets.

Sabina Miller, Jme Food Buyer, has developed three delicious food hampers, packed full of tasty treats from the Jme collection. “Our Jme food range is always extremely popular at Christmas, with both the seasonal items and the store cupboard essentials being in high demand,” comments Sabina. “We’ve put some of our favourites into a traditional wooden box that you’ll be able to use around the house over and over again.”

The Heat is On
is a chilli-lovers delight, with tongue-tingling chilli chocolate and warm, spicy biscuits to chilli sauce and fiery pepper jelly; while The Season to be Jolly is a box of beautiful festive foods for your Christmas feast. The largest hamper, Pick of the Pantry, contains our star players – the eight best-loved, most popular picks in the Jme collection.

“As well as making wonderful gifts, the food hampers are also perfect if you just want to stock up your kitchen with some indulgent treats for your festive guests,” Sabina continues.

Jamie at Home, which has over 3,200 self employed Consultants selling Jme homeware products by holding parties in homes across the UK and Ireland, has also launched a collection of hampers this winter.

Oriana Di Mascio looks after the corporate gifting programme from Jamie at Home: “The aim of our corporate hampers is to offer businesses, some which may be watching their pennies in a difficult economic year, a way to reward staff or customers with a gift that will be remembered long after the festive season finishes.”

The range includes: Sunny Side Up, containing everything you need to make the perfect breakfast tray for a loved one, including a cute woollen egg cosy; Let’s Celebrate, with a terracotta wine cooler, Waiter’s friend and tasty bottle of Prosecco; and Sugar and Spice, with everything you need to bake those naughty but nice treats tucked up in one box. There are also bath and body hampers, and great sets for gardeners too.

As well as being perfect for businesses, ten of these gorgeous hampers are also being sold by the amazing team of Jamie at Home Consultants at home parties around the country. “We couldn’t keep our hampers solely for corporate gifts”, Oriana explains. “We wanted everyone to be able to get their hands on these fantastic presents!”

See the full range of home, garden and bath and body hampers available through Jamie at Home Consultants.

Check out the three tasty food hampers available in the Jme shop.

About the author: Fiona Rigby is the Communications Manager for Jamie at Home.

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