Forget Bradley Wiggins, Jamie’s Better Food Foundation has its very own two-wheel hero in the shape of Jonny Garrett.
Jonny, Jamie’s Business Editor, cycled 266 gruelling miles in 24 hours to raise cash for the foundation.
His original aim of cycling the 288 miles from Cornwall’s Fifteen to the London Fifteen Restaurant in 24 hours was cut short due to an agonising knee injury.
Jonny did however get back on his bike a day later to complete the route, raising £1,920 in the process.
The journey was full of drama, after just 20 miles one of his support riders, his brother Matt, fell off his bike; Jonny also fell asleep at his handlebars at Taunton at 2.30am.
“I swerved across the road, but it was so early thankfully there were no cars on the road,” he said.
He added: “I did a night ride that was 140 miles back in June but this was something else. That one you started at 9pm and finished 6am but this one, by 9am, I had been cycling for six hours and come morning I still had 12 hours of riding to go!
“At Exeter a physio had joined me and a muscle had already twanged and it got steadily worse for the duration until there was nothing the physio could do without lengthy treatment. I Got to Staines at 266 miles, the physio could do nothing and about half-a-mile later my knee completely locked up and I fell off my bike!”
But unperturbed he battled on: “I gave up for the day, everyone told me to call it quits, but I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking I hadn’t finished it, so I got up early on Monday, got on the train to Staines and finished it.”

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“It’s the biggest challenge of my life and I can’t describe how good it feels to finish it. It means so much to have raised so much for a good cause. Massive thanks to all the sponsors and everyone that supported me on the way.”


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