mother's day

So Mother’s Day is looming and florists are rubbing their hands with glee. I’m sure you’re on top of everything, but let’s face it, we’ve all been caught out a few times – it comes around so quickly!

Luckily, here on we’re super prepared and have lots of lovely ideas and blogs to get you through, whether it’s a sudden panic or a well-planned day. If you’re anything like us, 364 days of the year are Children’s Day, so we owe our mothers a lot.

You can’t beat breakfast in bed, so check out the lovely blog by Pip from Jamie’s food team, all about getting that right. Quick tips involve not letting the kids carry the coffee upstairs, and choosing a breakfast less likely to create crumbs that mum has to clean up later. Oh, and there are some delicious recipes too.

Meanwhile, the lovely Ren Behan has some great edible gift ideas and twists on some Jamie Mother’s Day classics. And finally assistant editor Jonny Garrett, the master of forgetting Mothering Sunday, has some words of wisdom on its history, and then tips on getting you though the day without being rumbled.

Our biggest tip though – you’ve got to do a roast too, mostly because it’s Sunday. They’re perfect for getting the family together, whether it’s in the kitchen or the dining room, so get mum sat down with a glass of wine while you and the family get messy. We’d recommend Jamie’s roast lamb, because it’s bang in season, and if you get it in the oven at the same time as making breakfast, you won’t have to worry about it until it’s lunchtime!

And if you really, really want to fill her with the warming glow of familial love, make her one of these for dessert… coffee, vin santo and chocolate. That will keep her going until next year.


mother's day