wood fired ovens

The brave among you may have already had one, but barbecue season is only a few weeks away! If you’re a lover of the outdoors and want to take your al fresco cooking to the next level, we have some big news for you.

A few years ago Jamie teamed up with Wood Fired Ovens, which builds Italian wood-fired ovens using traditional methods and refactory clay. Wood-fired ovens are used throughout Italy to bake perfect pizzas, but they’re also amazing for roasting meat and almost better for breads.

This month they have launched a new version of their popular dome60. The Leggero oven is handmade in Italy and completely watertight, so it can be kept outside in all weather. It can do everything a barbecue does and more, and still gives you the incredible flavours that cooking over flames does.

Jamie says: “The smokiness from the wood and charcoal gives every type of food incredible flavour and personality. Once you get a feel for cooking this way you’ll absolutely love it.”

On top of that, the dome60 Leggero is 40kg lighter than the dome60 and comes ready to fire up, save for assembling the stand, so you’ll be banging out crisp pizzas, gorgeous roast meat and one-pot wonders in no time. Or, if you need a morning pick-me-up, this hero of a breakfast.

For more details click here and see the Leggero at the bottom of the page!


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