Story by Camilla Cameron

Since January Jamie's Ministry of Food Centre, Bradford has cooked over 1000 dishes with around 95 people a week enjoying classes either at the centre or at Pass it On sessions in the community. A Pass it On session is where people learn to cook a recipe then teach this to someone else. Due to popular demand, four new sessions are being added every week, bringing the number of classes up to 14. This means that even more Bradford folk can now have a chance to learn how to cook Jamie's simple, delicious meals for their families and friends.

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<strong>Bingley's Food Festival</strong></p>
<p>Soraya Overend and Lisa McLoughlin, who work at the centre, have also been taking Jamie's message further afield recently. On the 2nd of April, they were invited to take part in Bingley's Food Festival. Despite the slightly dodgy weather, they ran Pass it On sessions all day to enthusiastic crowds. In the morning they showed people how to make the <a href=perfect omelette, whilst in the afternoon they taught the festival visitors to how to make Jamie's tasty salmon tikka, which as you can see in the pictures, went down a storm!

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<strong>Worth Valley Young Farmers at the Bradford food centre</strong></p>
<p>The food centre has just played host to Worth Valley Young Farmers for a very special session. Forty four young farmers came to the centre to learn how to cook the perfect steak. They are planning to cook the recipe and demonstrate their new-found kitchen skills with a large Pass it On event at the Bronte Vintage Gathering, were they will also be promoting local food and produce. The gathering is due to be held on the 8th & 9th of May in Cullingworth, West Yorkshire and, obviously, having seen the results of their lesson, we are sure that the Farmer's Pass it On will be a very great success!<br />
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About the author:</strong> Camilla Cameron is the Campaigns Manager for Jamie Oliver Ltd</p>
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