Story by Jayna Treen

Since Jamie's Food Revolution aired in the States we have been hearing from people who have started their own food revolutions. Here is a special story from Jayna Treen:

Has this happened in your school?

“¢ A fourth grade class ate your lunch–a bowl of spinach without dressing.
“¢ Kids brought you a parade of fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs, and ate them even though some of the kids had never seen or tasted some of the foods.
“¢ Kids preferred to buy student-made organic trail mix instead of donuts.
“¢ The cafeteria sold out of white milk because so many kids stopped drinking chocolate and strawberry.
“¢ Third and fourth graders jumped out of their seats during a concert trying to catch baggies of spinach, carrots, and broccoli.
“¢ You got to teach a child who said, “I don't eat anything green,” that a carrot isn’t green.
“¢ You got to see that same child willingly take a cup of cucumber slices the next day because the cafeteria ran out of carrot cups.

Sound familiar? Then you must attend Woodridge Intermediate School in Peninsula, Ohio! Or maybe you have a Revolution of your own on your hands! Jamie is great because his approach to obesity is straight-forward and creative. Kids are eager to learn and want to eat healthier – more than adults think they are. They just need taught to make healthy choices.

Following Jamie’s lead, I read the labels of school milk in class then continued with a song I wrote called “Revolution Chant.” Kids sampled veggies in my classroom and I stood in the milk line pushing white milk, they started reading labels. I took fresh veggie cups from the cafeteria (ALWAYS offered but rarely taken) and gave them to the kids to try. They asked when their class was going to get to have a veggie party. I never shut my mouth about the Food Revolution as I chatted with colleagues and parents.

Enthusiasm kept growing as the students tried new foods and revisited other foods they thought they didn’t like. “You’re making a healthy choice!” was often overheard from kids and teachers. The PTO (Parent Teacher Organisation) offered all fruits and veggies at our graduation ceremony.

Action hasn’t stopped during summer. Parents are meeting with administrators about making healthier foods available, adjusting sales of snacks, and party food guidelines. Since I write the musical show lyrics, all of next year’s musicals will be about healthy choices. The garden club really took off this year; families and teachers are tending the garden, looking towards a back-to-school harvest. Up the Revolution!

Sing “Revolution Chant” in your school! Use the tune that comes to mind when you think of a military running block. No vocal skills required! Add your own verses!

Pickle, Pickle, Pumpkin Pie!
Salt and sugar! My! My! My!
French fries have a lot of fat!
So does pizza! What's with that?

Sound off! Healthy Food! Sound off! Is good for you!
Sound off! Healthy Food! Sound off! (clap) Is good!

We don't need preservatives!
All that stuff in food what gives?
Artificial colors, too!
That stuff isn't good for you!

Fruits and veggies that's the key!
Onions, Apples, Celery!
Whole grain breads and pastas, too!
Eat this stuff! It's good for you!

See a food you've never had?
You can try it it's not bad!
Did you know it takes 10 times
to try a food and like it fine?

Save your money. Don't buy junk.
That stuff just goes to your trunk.
Make good choices with each bite.
Now you know which choice is right.

Best of Health on YOUR Revolution,

About the author: Jayna Treen is a Music Teacher at Woodridge Intermediate School in Peninsula, Ohio.

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