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Father’s Day is looming and we’re all no doubt wracking our brains for ideas. Well, dads love food – there’s absolutely no getting away from it – so what better way to celebrate his big day this Sunday by cooking cracking grub fit for your “king”?

Jamie has put a lot of thought into a Father’s Day recipe collection, full of treats and ideas to make sure it’s foodie heaven for the old man. Editor Jim has also put together a top 10 tips for Father’s day, full of tips from him and Jamie. But here are a few pointers to get you started…

When cooking for Father’s Day it’s best avoid salads, raw veg, cupcakes and soups and give him some big, brassy, barn-storming numbers packed full of flavour, bursting with juicy meat, followed by a comforting, nostalgic pud. After all, this is a day to spoil him rotten.

Let’s start his day with a breakfast of champions, the bacon sarnie before getting the big meal ready.

The Father’s Day collection has plenty of good, hearty ideas – 70 in fact. My favourite ever Jamie recipe, Empire roast chicken will go down a treat, but other faves are included, such as a rich Steak and kidney pudding, or how about a really spicy Lamb biryani to go with his evening beer.

Steak will always bring out a grateful smile, as will a cracking cheeseburger.

And it’s not all about the main course, your dad loves a dessert right? To my mind the king of puddings is a true Jamie original, and the gooey fruit is bliss on Sunday evening.

As long as it’s made with love, your dad will love it.

And if you’re going to let him have a beer – make sure it’s a good one, here’s a video of Jamie’s mates the Craft Beer Boys (one of them is me coincidentally) to talk you through the different types of beer. Just take your pick.

Or if you’ve got no clue what to go for, check out our guide to beers on Father’s Day.


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