Jamie’s Food Tube talent search

Jamie has joined forces with Uncle Ben’s to find the next cooking sensation to join him on his award-winning Food Tube channel.

Jamie already shares his channel with incredible talent such as Gennaro Contaldo, DJ BBQ, Aaron Craze, Donal Skehan and the Chiappa Sisters, so here is your chance to rub shoulders with them.

To help you create the best video you can Food Tube will be hosting a series of master-classes. These will include how to choose a recipe, how to light, shoot and style food as well as tips on presenting, editing and building an audience. Considering the success of Jamie’s Food Tube, these videos will be essential viewing.

What you need to do

Create an original, four-minute, simple recipe video using rice and upload it to your own YouTube channel. Then simply send your link together with the entry form to foodtube@jamieoliver.com with the subject heading Search for a Food Tube Star. Closing date for entries is 01/09/2013, so get ’em in quick!

All videos must start with the presenter saying: “My entry for Jamie and Uncle Ben’s Search for a Food Tube Star”. Check out the full Terms and Conditions.

The Prize

The winner will receive a ‘channel in a box’, a set of equipment to give your channel that professional edge. This will include a top-quality camera, computer, microphone and editing software.

You will receive mentoring from Food Tube experts including a hotline to get advice from top directors, camera operators, editors and food expert.

Food Tube will also feature and promote your channel, helping you to build your audience and potentially share and create revenue.

The Judging

Jamie and his team will watch all entries and select their top five. Food Tube will then host these videos and the one with the highest number of ‘likes’ by 22/09/2013 will win.

Jamie said: “I can’t wait to see what you lot come up with. Have fun, be creative and get filming and one of you will be winning the chance to make a real name for yourself.”

Terms and Conditions


Opening and closing dates & times

  • Competition opens on Monday, 8th July 2013 and closes for video entries on Sunday, 1st September 2013 at 23:59 BST
  • Online voting opens on Sunday, 15th September 2013 at 12:00 (midday) BST and closes on Sunday, 22nd September 2013 at 23:59 BST

Who is eligible to enter

This competition is open to entrants who have a personal, current and valid registered Google/YouTube channel account.

Before entering this competition entrants who are under 18 years old must obtain prior parental/guardian permission. If, under the laws of the country or jurisdiction in which you are resident, you are not of legal age to agree to these terms and conditions and/or to own a Google/YouTube channel account, you must not enter this competition.

Before entering this competition, it is your responsibility to check whether the laws, rules and regulations in your country or jurisdiction of residence prevent you from entering this competition. If at any time it comes to our attention that any laws, rules and regulations prevent an entrant from entering this competition or winning the prize, we reserve the right to disqualify that entrant from the competition.

It is the responsibility of the entrant to observe and adhere to these terms and to the YouTube Terms of Conditions, the YouTube Community Guidelines and to any other relevant guidelines and regulations as applicable.

Failure to meet these eligibility criteria may in the Promoter’s sole discretion invalidate your entry and you will not be considered for the prize.

How to enter

Before the competition closing date and time eligible entrants must:

  1. Have a pre-existing or create a Google/YouTube channel account (to find out how to create your own channel click here)
  2. Create an original, high quality video in accordance with the YouTube’s video upload specification. Your video entry should be approximately four (4) minutes in duration and must feature yourself (as the registered YouTube channel account holder) cooking any dish. The recipe for that dish must include rice at any stage and in any way in the final prepared dish
  3. Start recording your video entry by saying: “This is my entry for Jamie Oliver’s Search for a Food Tube Star with Uncle Ben’s competition”
  4. Upload your video entry to your own YouTube channel
  5. Send an email to foodtube@jamieoliver.com with the subject heading, ‘Search for a Food Tube Star’ and include the following:

–      your full name

–      your age (if you are under 18 years old, please provide the full name and email address of your parent or guardian for confirmation purposes)

–      your email address

–      your full postal address (including the name of the country where you are)

–      a contact phone number (including the international dialing code)

–      the name of your YouTube Channel

–      the name of the recipe as prepared in your video entry

–      state whether the recipe was created by you (if not, provide the source of the recipe (e.g. the name of the person, cookbook or other source))

–      the link to your video entry which must be in accordance with the instructions set out in points 1-3 under this ‘how-to-enter’ section of the terms and conditions.

Videos which are not created specifically for the purpose of entering this competition are invalid.

Proof of sending is not proof of receiving.

Your video entry must be originally created by you. Where videos entries contain intellectual property content belonging to third parties, for example, music tracks, clips of copyrighted content or elements of videos made by others, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the prior permission of those third parties to include such content in your video entry. Failure to do so may invalidate your entry.

You may enter this competition as many times as possible via the method stated above before the closing date and time. There are no other methods of entering this competition. Failure to submit your competition entry in accordance with these ‘how to enter’ instructions may, in the Promoter’s sole discretion, invalidate your entry and you will not be considered for the prize.


There is one prize for one winner. The prize includes:

  • a set of top-quality equipment, including a camera, computer, microphone and editing software;
  • six-months mentoring from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube experts, including advice from top directors, camera operators, editors and food experts; and
  • 12-months featuring of the winning video entry and the winner’s YouTube channel on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel

Winner selection

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube production team will watch all entries and along with Jamie Oliver, they will select their top five valid video entries (i.e. the finalists) based on the video entries which they believe are original and are the most humorous or engaging.

The winning video entry finalist must be the registered YouTube channel account holder.

The finalists will each be contacted by the Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube team to obtain the relevant video file for uploading purposes. The video entries for each of the finalists will be uploaded on to Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel where the audience may vote for the winner by clicking the YouTube ‘like’ button for their favourite finalist’s video entry. The finalist video entry with the most ‘likes’ by the online voting closing date and time will win the prize unless otherwise indicated. Any number of ‘dislike’ votes on a finalist’s video entry will be disregarded for the purposes of this competition.

The winner will be notified by email. The winner is responsible for checking their emails and responding within 5 days of being notified. Failure to respond within the timeframe specified or where an entrant is found to be ineligible to enter this competition will result in forfeiture of the prize and the video entry with the second highest votes may win the prize, and so on until a winner is found.

The winner will be announced on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel within 48 hours of the Promoter contacting and confirming the winner.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel, a division of Fresh One Productions Limited, 19/21 Nile Street, London N1 7LL, England


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  • Russell Harrison

    I am looking forward to seeing all of the different videos created with just using Rice. Great eats, Healthy Eats good life.

  • Vinny Panico

    where is the entry form?

  • Dima

    Can we enter the contest in more than one recipe?

    • Dima

      and where I can get the entry form?

  • Vinny Panico

    anyone get a reply about the form?

  • Ana Cristina Owens

    This is going to be a lot of fun!! Thanks for this awesome opportunity 😉

  • Chris Stevens

    I sent in my video, and i wish everyone who entered good luck

    • Dima

      Do you have any idea where could we get the entry form from?

  • Andres Sierra

    So..the video hs to be in english or I can make a video with subtitles??

  • Teri H Cusumano

    Does it matter what we title our entry video on Youtube?

  • jeff

    The closing date needs to be adjusted. Closing date for entries is 01/09/2013.

  • Emma Sherfield

    @jeff it is international date. it is 9/1/2013 in America

  • Colleen’s Kitchen

    I entered 3 video recipes – sent in 3 separate emails with the first sent 24/08/2013 and just got a failure message back today from my first email saying the message was undeliverable, that it was unable to establish an SMTP connection to foodtube@jaimeoliver.com. Anyone else get error messages back? I followed the entry rules to the letter and now am up against the deadline. I went ahead and re-sent all 3 emails from another email account in case the problem was on my end. But if it takes a week to receive a failure notice?? Not sure what to do.

  • Jimmy

    How I come to know that you receive my entrance?


  • Adora Herveaux

    “Your video entry should be approximately four (4) minutes in duration”… why are the finalist videos five minutes then? A whole minute over is not an approximate in my book. Should have been an automatic disqualification. How do I respond to me niece when she says “It’s not fair?” It’s one thing to loose to somebody who is better than you but to loose to somebody who’s video is too long and over the terms and conditions is another. Not happy Mr O.

    • jamieoliverdotcom

      Hi Adora,

      Thank you for getting in touch. We are always keen to receive feedback and encourage dialogue with our viewers.

      We are really sorry you feel unhappy about the time duration of the finalists videos. In the competition terms and conditions we state that entries should be approximately 4 minutes, but we do not state disqualification for longer videos. The 4 minutes was a guideline to help entrants produce the strongest possible videos, as in our experience lengthy videos can sometimes lose momentum. Although the finalists videos came in around 5 minutes, we felt they were strong and retained interest over that time. Every video, regardless of length, was watched and judged on its own merit.

      We fully understand how much time and effort you will have put into your video entry, and really want to thank you for taking part. We were overwhelmed with how many fantastic entries we received and the high quality across the board.

      We hope you accept our apologies for any confusion over these guidelines, and will take on board your feedback for the future.

      Thank you for being a friend of Food Tube!

  • Céline Décamps

    When is going to be the next foodtubestar contest? I was busy having a baby (!) and regret so much to have missed this opportunity!

  • Rob

    Upset that i have only just seen this as new to the whole youtube thing 🙁 Just need to keep my eye out again in the future! my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyParentsKitchen