Story by Chloe Smee

On the 17th of August the Jamie at Home crew packed their buckets and spades and took to the seaside; the location for the second annual Jamboree. Jamie at Home, an exciting new party plan business, was launched in March 2009 by Jamie Oliver to celebrate and combine his passion for food, and bringing people together in the home. Direct sales offered the perfect solution; Jamie at Home parties not only provide the perfect format to sell Jamie's exclusive Jme collection, but also offer an exciting business opportunity.

Since launch last March Jamie at Home has already provided a welcome business opportunity for its 3,000 plus Consultants enabling them to earn an income through selling the exclusive range of products for the home and garden. And last week was a real chance to celebrate the incredible success of Jamie at Home Managers and Consultants, who travelled from all corners of the UK and Ireland to attend this very special event. Jamboree 2010 is the biggest national event of the Jamie at Home calendar.

Last year the company held a smaller event in Solihull, this year over 1,000 Consultants, Managers and their guests descended on Brighton for sun, sea and one incredible Jamboree. Jamie moved heaven and earth to make sure he could be there too. He wanted to join in the fun and to recognise the achievements of top performers. Meeting Jamie was a real highlight for all of the Consultants, but the excitement didn’t stop there!

The new autumn/winter range of Jme products was launched to the eagerly awaiting crowd. And the over 60 new products in the range definitely didn’t disappoint. New Essentials to kit out your kitchen, Rukmale terracotta from a village in Sri Lanka, tagines and lots more.

The incredible Signature, from the show Britain's Got Talent, brought the house down after lunch with a surprise appearance! And no one in the audience that day will ever forget the special moment when the lovely Lucy Cardew won herself a brand new Mini One convertible! Lucy literally jumped for joy when she found out she had won. “For months I've been joking about going down to Brighton to win the Mini… When I realised I actually had I just couldn't believe it! All I could think was OH MY GOD!” explained Lucy.

It was a day filled with emotion and fun and was a great way to kick start the new season! While the Jamboree is the big annual event, there are loads of other events to celebrate success during the year.

About the author: Chloe Smee is the Communications Co-ordinator for Jamie at Home

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