Jamie’s beautiful collection of baking tools and tins is a home baker’s dream. It has been designed to help you turn out showstopper cakes and bakes time after time – from light, fluffy sponge cakes to bouncy breakfast muffins – and everything in between. Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 240˚C/240˚F/Gas 9, it won’t warp and the heavy-duty carbon steel and non-stick coating means it’s made to last.


Jamie’s gift products get to the heart of what Jamie is all about – inspiring every home chef to get creative and have fun in the kitchen. From beautiful acacia serving boards to vintage-inspired textiles, embossed ceramics and rustic hand-painted terracotta items, these products have been designed to not only serve you well in the kitchen, but to look the part on the table, too.

Jamie Oliver by Tefal Pans

If you’ve got the right kit, you’re halfway there in the kitchen. The pans in Jamie’s Tefal range are designed to give you the best quality cooking experience with excellent results every time. Ten years strong, Jamie’s relationship with Tefal is based on bringing brilliant, professional-quality pans into home kitchens and with features such as the signature Thermo Spot, they make cooking a joy.


Dishes made with love also deserve some attention when it comes to serving up, and Jamie’s Tabletop products have serving, eating and drinking in style covered. Simple, practical and beautiful, this range makes eating a pure pleasure – think gorgeous dishes to take bubbling lasagnes to the table, vintage-inspired plates to dish up on and lovely textiles to keep things clean.


Kitchen Kit

Jamie’s kitchen kit is there to give you a helping hand with all kinds of prepping tasks: from easy speed peelers for making gorgeous shaved salads to top-quality knives for chopping, slicing and dicing. Jamie’s measuring equipment means you can get your tasty recipes spot on, and the salt and pepper mills make seasoning your dishes to perfection a breeze.

Garden Furniture

Getting friends and family together for a slap-up alfresco feast is one of the best bits of summer. Jamie’s garden furniture stands up in all seasons and is a super-stylish addition to any outdoor area. Comfy loungers are ideal for lazy summer days and in-built fire pit tables will keep you cosy in the chillier months.


Cooking outside is one of life’s great pleasures and the gorgeous smoky flavour you get from barbecuing is second to none. Jamie’s gas and charcoal barbecues range from mini bucket versions perfect for park picnics, to serious mean machines that take outdoor cooking to the next level. In a variety of stylish colours, they look cool, burn hot and turn out sizzling grilled perfection every time.

Outdoor Ovens

Wood-fired cooking is the real deal, and these authentically made outdoor ovens will take your cooking experience to the next level. Not only are they perfect for baking beautiful pizzas and breads, turning out golden vegetables and melt-in-the-mouth stews, but wood-fired cooking also adds a unique depth of flavour to any dish. These ovens bring friends and family together, celebrate incredible home-cooked food and get you cooking outside in all seasons.