TV Shows


Friday Night Feast

Childhood friends, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty, are joined by a host of celeb friends who head in to their pop up caff on Southend pier to cook their favourite dishes for the café diners; and the boys hit the road to tackle food issues that are close to their heart.

Jamie’s Ultimate Christmas

Jamie’s Ultimate Christmas showcases the essential recipes for an unforgettable Christmas.

Jamie’s Super Food

Jamie visits some of the healthiest places on the planet from the Korean island Jeju, to the Swiss Alps.

Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Jamie investigates sugar’s huge contribution to global health problems including obesity and type 2 diabetes, reveals how much sugar is in healthy-looking food, and explores what can be done to help.

Jamie’s Night Before Christmas

A must watch treat for Christmas Eve, as Jamie serves ip cast-iron tips, trips and hacks for a delicious and stress-free Christmas

Jamie’s Comfort Food

Jamie’s Comfort Food is an exciting and joyous new food show, packed full of crowd pleasing, reinvented British classics, outdoor sizzlers, super-quick nostalgic comforters and international big hitters.

Jamie’s Cracking Christmas

Christmas isn’t just about the big day, it’s about the whole festive season that surrounds it. Filled with friends and family, scrumptious suppers, fun parties and cosy get-togethers.

Jamie’s Money Saving Meals

Jamie wants to inspire people around the world to eat better and spend less on our weekly food bills by giving us some of his most useful money saving but seriously delicious recipes to date.

Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty open a pop-up caff, where they serve up – and big up – the best of British food.

Jamie’s Summer Food Rave Up

Jamie Oliver creates a range of amazing, simple dishes to make al fresco dining a treat.

Jamie’s Christmas With Bells On

Jamie Oliver shows how to pull everything together for a perfect Christmas Day.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to the next level.

Jamie’s Great Britian

Jamie Oliver travels the country searching for new ideas and inspiration and to find out what makes British food great.

Jamie’s Family Christmas

Jamie Oliver shares his kitchen secrets for a stress-free family Christmas.

Jamie’s Fish Supper

In the UK we tend to eat the same types of fish all the time, and many of our favourites are now under threat. Jamie wants to show us that we can all do our bit to help ease the pressure on the big five.

Jamie’s Dream School

Jamie Oliver brings together some of Britain’s most inspirational individuals to see if they can persuade 20 young people to give education a second chance.

Jamie's Meals in Minutes

Jamie Oliver shows how to cook a complete meal in just 30 minutes, sharing his tricks of the trade, and preparing amazing food.

Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes

Jamie Does… sees Jamie Oliver turn food tourist. In each show he explores the cuisine of a foreign city or region just a short flight from the UK.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver tackles unhealthy eating in America. But can the straight-talking tactics he used with British school meals work in a country with a very different food culture?

Jamie Oliver's American Road Trip

Jamie Oliver is setting off on the culinary journey of a lifetime as he travels around the USA for his new six-part series, Jamie’s American Roadtrip

Jamie Saves Our Bacon

Jamie Oliver turns his attention to the UK pig industry to help consumers make better-informed choices about the food they buy and eat.

Jamie Cooks Christmas

Jamie Oliver shows how to cook an amazing Christmas feast without spending a fortune in this hour-long special packed with his favourite festive dishes.


Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Inspired by the wartime Ministry of Food that helped people to make the most of their rations, Jamie Oliver wants to start a food revolution to get people across Britain cooking fresh food again.

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners

Ninety-five per cent of British chickens are farmed intensively. Jamie Oliver hosts a gala dinner to demonstrate the graphic reality of how these birds live and die to put food on our plates.

Jamie at Home

In his new series, Jamie picks the freshest ingredients for new recipes direct from source – his own kitchen garden in Essex.

Jamie’s Chef

The story of how, at a reunion for Fifteen graduates, Jamie invited them to compete for the chance to run their own business.

Jamie’s Great Italian Escape

Jamie Oliver escapes to Italy to rediscover his love of food. In his clapped-out camper van, he travels the country in search of its gastronomic heart.


Jamie’s School Dinners

In his most ambitious venture yet, Jamie Oliver attempts to take charge of 20,000 school dinners a day across the London borough of Greenwich.

Jamie’s Kitchen

Jamie Oliver is opening his first restaurant. And to prove his conviction that it’s a passion for food and not formal academic qualifications that makes a good cook, he’s training fifteen unemployed youngsters to work as chefs

Oliver’s Twist

Jamie’s goes international, inviting people from all over the world to come around for a dinner they’d never forget

The Naked Chef

In Jamie’s debut he strips food down to its bare essentials to create delicious, sociable food for all occasions.