FIVE Awesome Daiquiri Twists

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We got five fantastic bartenders from some of the best bars in London to knock up their take on the classic Daiquiri, and they're all amazing. If you get the chance to go to their bars (links below) then say hey and check out these great drinks. They've done everything from Burnt Toast to Caribbean liqueurs to twist the 'Holy Trinity' of Rum, Lime & Sugar. Let us know what to do next! (This is a paid ad by Bacardi)

Links from the video:
Jamie Oliver's Daiquiri Cocktail |
Where's Jamie Drinking? White Lyan |
Where's Jamie Drinking? The Savoy |
Best Cocktail Bars for Date Night |
Red Velvet Cupcake Cocktail |

Links to the recipes:
Modern Cox -
Breakfast With Hemingway -
Daddy Tiki Daiquiri -
Blackjack Daiq -
Malecon -

The Dandelyan-
Duck and Waffle -
Mahiki -
Cocktail Trading Company -
American Bar, The Savoy -

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Published: 22 Jul 2016
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