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Gauging from the reaction from the crowd at Jamie’s Live Show in Sydney people were really surprised to see Jamie drumming away on stage to one of his favourite Oasis tunes. The free show in Sydney was sponsored by the retail company the Good Guys as a celebration of the announcement that they are donating $5 million (Australian dollar) to kick-start Ministry of Food Australia, fantastic news indeed!

The Ministry of Food project fits perfectly with the Good Guys ethos for as a company they have donated $2.7 million to over 150 not-for-profit organisations around Australia since late 2007.The Good Guys donate 20 cents per transaction to local community organisations, supporting essential programs, services and grass-roots projects. The programme is called the Local Giving Program, because they believe that each community in which they operate has different needs and community issues. The local charity partners are selected by the store owners and staff, based on what those needs are in their local community. They range from high profile organisations supporting cancer and terminally ill children, through to real grass-roots projects such as a music therapy program for autistic children and bike education programs. If you go to the Good Guys website and click on the community link at the bottom of each store’s home page, you can learn more about the various projects and their results.

I had the privilege of attending Jamie’s Live Show in Sydney. Cooking of course is always at the heart of Jamie’s live shows, so he whipped up a crispy bacon and pan fried scallop dish whilst he was playing the drums. He also made rottolo which is one of his favourite dishes to cook. Jamie learnt to make this at the River Cafe and on stage he dedicated this segment to Rose Gray one of Jamie’s mentors from the River Cafe who sadly passed away earlier in March.

Jamie is absolutely thrilled that the Good Guys have come on board to facilitate the Ministry of Food program in Australia and the live show in Sydney was a very fitting way to celebrate the good news.

About the author: Danny McCubbin is the website editor for JamieOliver.com

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