Jamie's Italian
    • Happy Monday guys! Start the week off right with one of our energy-boosting super food salads. The classic with avocado, beets, pulses & grains, spicy seeds & harissa; or our kale super food bowl packed full of lentils, avocado, kale & grapes! #MeatFreeMonday

    • This beautiful Porchetta is what Sunday's are all about! Slow-roasted higher-welfare pork belly stuffed with cranberry, apricot & sage, served with silky celeriac purée, gravy & apple sauce. Warming and delicious, this dish is so, so good!

    • In Italy, pasta became a poor man’s dish and a way to use leftover produce and eggs. Families developed meals that were filling, simple, delicious and cost effective. Today freshly made pasta is one of life's great pleasures! At Jamie's Italian, we know what makes a great bowl of the good stuff. #ProperPasta

    • A beautiful Venetian classic from the maestro himself! Gennaro's Vongole special is such a beautiful fresh dish. Our gorgeous fresh spaghetti with Italian clams, white wine, chilli, garlic & parsley. Now how good does that sound!? Get your hands on it at any Jamie's Italian – this February only! #ProperPasta

    • Just look at that fresh penne being extruded, how mesmerising is that?! The name penne literally translates to ‘pens’, inspired by the shape of a quill. It's the perfect shape for a chunky tomato sauce or beautiful rich ragù! At Jamie's Italian we're all about #ProperPasta