All about our: fish dishes

All about our: fish dishes


We use market fresh fish, every day


We’re all about supporting sustainable fishing and protecting our seas – that’s why we follow the seasons of the sea, carefully select super-fresh, sustainably sourced seafood, talk to our suppliers every day and buy daily-changing market fish. Most importantly, we’ll never buy wild fish that’s not traceable to a responsible source.


You won’t find fixed white fish dishes on our menu because we don’t know what we’re going to get day to day. Instead, we utilise our blackboards, serving up gorgeous, seasonal daily fish specials that our chefs create each morning, inspired by what comes in from the sea that day.


For Our famous prawn linguine, we get delicate langoustines from Scottish waters in an effort to embrace the incredible produce that’s available on our very own shores. Alongside third-party certified prawns, our customers agree that it’s a delicious dish. In fact, we sell one prawn linguine every minute in the UK.


Hot-smoked salmon is one of the stars on our menu, too. We get ours from Crystal Waters – a small, family-run producer in Suffolk who have supplied Jamie with fish for 15 years. They specialise in smoking quality wares from the sea. Our salmon is lightly smoked, then roasted in a kiln, giving it a wonderfully subtle flavour – you can choose to top our Super food salads with it, for a little something extra.


On top of that, we use organic Scottish salmon for our kids menu so whichever fish option you or your kids go for, we’ve gone out of our way to deliver you a super responsible option.